You’re already an expert.
Now become an influencer.

You’re already an expert. Now become an influencer.

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Become an All Star Contributor Host

You. On the Radio. Become a Regular Syndicated Feature!


Dreaming Together Speeds Up Real Results

YOU are the revolution in how people treat people in business! Join our like-minded community!


Comprehensive Branding Package that Works

Leveraged your content across multiple platforms for accelerated results!

(Just Example)

Why Accelerate Your Influencer Rating?

Get to “I’ve Heard of You”  Much Faster!

Achieve Instant Credibility

Gain recognition as an in-demand, expert national contributor.

Collaboration = Greater Influence

It’s not WHAT you know… but WHO KNOWS YOU that matters most.

Multiple Layers of Marketing

Radio. Facebook. Print. Twitter. Video. LinkedIn. Web. Instagram. Podcast. With every interview!

Surrounded By All Stars

To become an influencer, you must hang out with influencers. You have a community.

Leverage Your Content

Each interview creates 3-4 blogs with video and audio options.

Gain A Much Larger Audience

Address your target audience on-scale! Better than networking for message dissemination.

Huge Competitive Advantage

Stand out head-and-shoulders beyond others in your industry as an in-demand expert.

Ongoing Education Makes You Valuable

Gain valuable knowledge and experience with our proven training system.

What Are You Purchasing?


3 Months of Nationally Syndicated Radio Interviews

You get one 10-minute interview every month for three months. You schedule the dates and time that works best for you!


6 Module Course on Improving Your Presence

If you’re the type who always strives to improve yourself and your presence – this is the course for you! Included with your All Star Contributor Host package, Angel and Eric teach you how to get better each time you speak!


One-on-One Training with the Pros

Each month, you get a one-on-one meeting by phone or Zoom with Angel or Eric. They become your expert influencer coaches, and guide you to making the most out of every month, week, day and minute!


Dedicated Feature Page on

As an All Star Contributor Host, you are prominently featured as an active part of our monthly expert lineup. Your page includes a bio, headshot, any background you want to share and a comprehensive library of all content you create with the Experience Pros Radio Show.


Comprehensive Branding Package

Your radio interview is just the big shiny tip of the marketing iceberg! We help you pre-promote your segment and post-promote it, too! We’ll show you just how to slice and dice your way into leveraging your already-made content into multiple formats including, blogs, vlogs, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets and LinkedIn articles!


Video and Audio Files

You never leave empty-handed! Results happen the moment you create content – and that content may be leveraged however you see fit!

Frequently asked questions from our customers

How Many People Are Listening?

This is the most-asked, and probably the most misplaced question. 

The short answer is: more than enough.

The truth is, no one really knows how many people are listening. The radio stations that broadcast the Experience Pros Radio Show do not subscribe to the Neilson Ratings system (formerly Arbitron), as their sampling system is expensive and some would say a better fit for music radio.

We can, however, make some assumptions. Radio stations require listeners to respond to advertisers’ commercials in order to maintain the expense of being on the air as well as paying for all the people (managers, operators, hosts, sales and admin) it takes to run a multi-million dollar station. Therefore, we can assume that if a station is on the air – it’s at least got enough listeners to keep the signal going. That probably equates to thousands… maybe tens of thousands of listeners to each active radio station.

The Experience Pros Radio Show airs on 38 stations nationwide. Again… more than enough.


Do your listeners include my target audience?

Now THAT is a GREAT question!!

Listeners to the Experience Pros Radio Show are business owners, sales managers, entrepreneurs and others who want to increase their productivity, profitability and their status in the business community. They are men and women, just like you, who understand and appreciate the concept of leveraging relationships to build stronger referral networks.

How will I receive training?

We’ve thought of everything!

You’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS to Empower U, our online training portal. You can learn from anywhere in the world with your phone, tablet or computer.

Can't I just do this on my own?

Yes. (and No).

Sure, you can start a podcast, or even purchase airtime on a local radio station. If you’ve got enough money (be prepared for thousands of dollars a month), you can purchase airtime on several stations. You can post on Facebook and Twitter – even LinkedIn. And you can reach dozens… maybe even hundreds of people.

How do we know? Because that’s how we did it.  And it took time… LOTS OF TIME – and MORE THAN $1 MILLION to gain several thousands of followers.

Or, you can benefit immediately from the hard work and money invested on our side – to achieve an audience that is already ready to hear your message. You can avoid the mistakes that we made over the years, and dramatically reduce the time to influencer status. You can get IMMEDIATE RESULTS by updating your profile(s) with “National Contributor Host” on a syndicated business talk radio show. You can be Coast-to-Coast RIGHT AWAY!

Why should I pay to be interviewed?

That’s a fair question.

Ask yourself: What are you trying to accomplish? If a single guest appearance is all you’re looking for – then maybe paying isn’t necessary. But then, it’s a real gamble as to whether your story is what any media outlet is looking for.

If you genuinely wish to become an influencer, then investing in a regularly scheduled, recurring role as a Contributor Host removes the gamble, and guarantees results. It’s the same as paying for college. You guarantee the result of a degree that qualifies you in an industry. Or shopping at the grocery store. You guarantee the result of food in your possession that qualifies you to eat that food.

By investing in becoming a Contributor Host, you guarantee the result of having a regularly scheduled time slot on a nationally syndicated radio show. You guarantee the result of social proof earning the title, “Nationally Syndicated Host”. You guarantee the result of broadcast-quality content that will be leveraged across multiple platforms. And you guarantee the result of the professional endorsement of Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer.

Gamble vs. Guaranteed Results. That is why you invest in becoming a Contributor Host.

Do I have to have experience on radio?


We made boosting your influencer status and getting onto the radio as easy as clicking a button and answering a few questions. You could have your first interview scheduled within minutes! You don’t need ANY prior experience!

What if your station(s) aren't in my state?

That doesn’t affect INFLUENCER status at all.

In fact… it might even help accelerate your achieving influencer status. Think about it. National contributors come from every corner of the country. Where they’re located isn’t nearly as important as how they help! You can be a Digital Marketer in Oregon or a C-Level Executive Coach in Maine – and achieve INFLUENCER status in Texas, Colorado and Washington DC!


There is No Time Like Now to Get Going!

There are 7 days in a week… SOMEDAY isn’t one of them!

You don’t need millions of followers to be an influencer!

Influencer marketing is the hottest growing trend for 2018. One of the most important elements to remember is to not confuse INFLUENCE with SIZE.

Usually, the best influencers have between 10k – 100k followers. What makes them effective is the CONSISTENCY of their messaging, and their ENGAGEMENT with their target audience.

By following our proven step-by-step plan, our All Star Contributor Hosts have built their influencer status, which subsequently built their bottom line as well.

The formula for success is here.

We’ve been helping business men and women gain influencer status for 8+ years! It’s not rocket science… it’s people science!

As any baker will tell you – having the proper ingredients is only part of the process. Knowing when and how much of each part of the recipe to add is what truly determines the level of success you can expect to achieve.

We know the formula! And when you become an All Star Contributor Host, you gain the team that you’ve been looking for! To be an influencer, you have to hang out with like-minded people. We are those people, and we bring others with us!


Listen to what others are saying…

GOING NATIONAL!!!! AMAZING. …. I highly suggest taking time meet with Angel & Eric to discover how Experience Pros can grow your business. I can not recommend this enough. I’ve personally had the chance to meet with them and WOW!!! When you find people like Eric Reamer and Angel Tuccy who are committed to moving others forward, its amazing. Thanks for all you do!!!!

Eric Hunsberger,

When we started working with Experience Pros, our business was good, but somewhat seasonal. Now, we are widely known as the best body shop (7 years in a row!) in Denver, and players in the collision industry nationwide. Last year, we bought a brand new facility that has allowed us to nearly triple our output!

Robert Grieve,

Thank you Experience Pros for Major Mom’s increased presence. We even made it to appear on SHARK TANK! Each time we are on the radio someone emails me and says, “I loved your tips on the radio today”. It is so nice to be around positive professionals. I love your mission and purpose. God bless you and yours! Xoxo

Angela Cody-Rouget,

Your Guaranteed 3D 3-Step System

Influencers Aren’t Born… They’re Made.

Step 1. Discover

Discover (and be discovered by) a much larger audience.

Step 2. Develop

Develop engagement and relationships with your ideal audience.

Step 3. Deliver

Deliver your brand promise as you tell your story